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RTS Services - SCADA and Instrumentation Specialists

RTS Services Inc. is a service-oriented data acquisition company that provides real-time SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) services to corporations involved in natural gas extraction.

RTS Services has its corporate headquarters located in Ponoka, Alberta, with Sales in Calgary. With more than 20 years experience in SCADA, RTS Services is a leader in providing well monitoring and production information management technologies and is committed to operating in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

RTS Services - Company Profile

Established in 1993, RTS Services Inc. focuses on providing accurate, real-time well monitoring and production information management technologies for shallow gas production in Western Canada. RTS provides a full solution SCADA package, from software to precision equipment installation, which is customizable to suit any situation.

RTS Services’ head office is located in Ponoka, Alberta, with a satellite office in Calgary offering sales and development support. Operations are predominantly focused on Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

RTS Services is committed of to exceed the expectations of clients in both the products and services delivered to them and is dedicated to conducting its business in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

Our Services

remote Monitoring

RTS data acquisition and management software is designed to be able to monitor and report on all of your SCADA needs.

RTS offers a complete solution. From the design and selection of the data acquisition hardware through to the communication link to our hosting servers along with the installation and maintenance of the equipment, RTS provides the tools and expertise to simplify your SCADA project.

Our Web-enabled SCADA servers give your key personnel detailed information on the status of your critical assets whenever and wherever it is needed.



In the modern production of oil and natural gas, properly functioning instrumentation is an essential component and requires experienced and trained professionals. Rather than tying resources to the upkeep of these devices, consider RTS Services for the maintenance of your instrumentation.

RTS offers full instrumentation services for installation, troubleshooting, calibrations, maintenance and repair of electrical/electronic measurement, SCADA and control instruments. With trained journeymen and apprentices, RTS can provide quality services at a client’s sites regularly or when problems arise.



As per the Alberta Energy Resource Conservation Board’s (ERCB) Directive 17, flow meters need to be calibrated regularly. For producing firms, the tracking and performing of these calibrations can be a major nuisance especially as the company expands its number of producing wells.

RTS Services provides calibration services, providing a reliable means of having meters calibrated professionally and on-time. With our trained Journeymen and Apprentices handling the task of calibrations, this frees time and resources for a drilling company to focus on what it does best.



Already locked to metering equipment from other manufacturers? RTS offers services to supply and install metering equipment to companies previously committed to using instrumentation provided by other SCADA firms. Our trained Journeymen and Apprentices can travel to a client’s field sites and professionally install the equipment needed.


For companies that are short on manpower or need a quick response to electrical problems in the field, RTS Services Inc. offers oil and gas field electrical services. With emphasis on safe, reliable and timely work, RTS is a great option for firms.


Our products

offset well monitoring

RTS Services offers mobile solutions for monitoring pressure changes for fracking operations that can be assembled in minutes on site. Designed and built with field requirements in mind, these pressure monitoring systems include solar panels and are 1X modem ready with a local user interface. Along with the units, RTS offers 24 hour field support services to allow around the clock operations.

Options include:

  • Online data hosting
  • Alarm and notification capable
  • WIreless connection to PressLINQ Pressure Logger
  • Local display otions for the PressLINQ Pressure Logger
  • Additional options available

Pressure Logging Brochure


dip multiphase (MPFM) meter

For over 20 years, RTS Services has been a leader in the Gas and Energy Distribution Industry in providing timely and accurate metering and reporting technologies.

Our new DIP Multiphase Flowmeter continues this trend. The clamp on sensor is the easiest on the market to install and implement.

Rather than using expensive radioactive density measurements like many competitors, we use a vibration sensor to measure vibroacoustic signals produced by the fluid within the existing pipe.

This signal is then sent to the DIP flow computer which calculates gas flow, oil flow, water flow, gas volume fraction and water cut.

This solution can be combined with RTS' data acquisition solutions to provide real-time trending, alarming and notifications.

DIP MPFM Brochure

DIP MPFM Flow Computer


scada data acquisition

As resource extraction requires ever more remote locations, automation of recording data from these locations becomes especially critical. RTS Services produces certified Remote Terminal Units (RTU) metering skids designed to endure rugged terrain and variable weather conditions which contain a complete system for data acquisition. This data acquisition and communication system collects data from virtually any isolated site, providing timely and accurate information using electronic flow computers to measure all variables and calculate flow rates. Data can then be transmitted by a number of different methods including 1X cellular, satellite and radio communications. On-board memory ensures capture of historical data for an extended period that can be retrieved later in the event of communication failures.


well optimization & dewatering

RTS Services offers well optimization solutions specifically for well dewatering from conventional, shallow gas, shale gas or CBM reservoirs. Using pumping systems developed by Enhanced Recovery that have superior operational reliability, companies can benefit by extending the life and amount of recoverable gas from wells from depths between 300 and 1000 meters. These pumps are low in capital and maintenance costs and also offer easy and safe installation procedures that can be used with AC or DC power sources.

This solution can be combined with RTS' data acquisition solutions to provide real-time trending, alarming and notifications.


gas metering packages

Accurate measuring of gas flow and other properties of a well are vital information for any company involved in the extraction of natural gas. Complementing our Data Acquisition and gas flow monitoring equipment, RTS Services is now fabricating gas metering packages. RTS has optional models of meter run skids to handle different process requirements and each unit is inspected by provincial inspectors to ensure quality construction.

RTS standard metering packages come complete with Junior Meter Run AGA 1992 2-7(3C), catalytic heater, and insulated enclosure on support legs.


lighting arrays fabrication

Durable and reliable lighting arrays are necessary for operating 24 hour operations in the oil & gas and construction sectors. Applicable for usage in any construction or oil field, and can also be used for security or emergency applications. 

Features include:

  • Completely self-contained skid
  • Various configurations from 4 to 16 lamps as well as an 18 lamp model (4x4 array with 2 lamps on the back)
  • Can be either portable or fixed
  • Can be affixed to towers or towers
  • Able to use power from generators or hard-wired into existing power lines.
  • Further customization available


electrical enclosure fabrication

RTS Services Inc. is committed to providing quality panel fabrication services, focusing on client requirements, integration and budgetary needs.

We have been successfully designing and fabricating industrial control and Instrumentation panels since 1993. During this time RTS has been involved with a wide variety of standard and custom solutions.

Our main areas of focus for panel fabrication are industrial control panels, communications panels, renewable energy power system panels, and equipment control consoles.


custom field skid design

RTS Services offers custom designing of skids for field operations. With an experienced and trained team, RTS can consult with clients to develop rugged and dependable skids for unique situations.


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